Yuga Labs and BAYC/MAYC Community have been Busy

Yuga Labs has been busy over the past few weeks. The biggest announcement to date, the acquisition of CryptoPunks & Meebits from Larva Labs for an undisclosed amount, which seems to have sparked new life into the NFT market. The bombshell announcement was generally taken positively by the community, especially when BAYC announced they will be giving IP rights of CryptoPunks back to the holders, following the playbook of their own BAYC/MAYC communities.

The second biggest announcement, Yuga Labs announced the formation of APEDAO and ApeCoin, which will be airdropped to BAYC/MAYC holders starting on March 17th. The team has been busy, and supposedly this is just the beginning of a series of announcements from Yuga on their plans in the metaverse. They also have a WL running for an unknown project with Animoca brands.